Community Services

The Community Service Bureau is staffed by one Police Officer and is responsible for the administration of the Livonia Police Reserve Officer Program and the Livonia Community Emergency Response Team.

Police Reserve Unit
The Community Service Bureau through Livonia Police Reserves provide personnel and support for emergency events including snow alerts, downed power lines, crowd control and support for Livonia Police Officers. There are currently 46 Police Reserves, who worked 8,100 hours at special events in 2013. Reserve Officers work a variety of Special Events including the Livonia Spree, Highland Games, and School events.

Interested in Joining the Livonia Police Reserve Unit?
The Livonia Police Department continually accepts applications for those interested in becoming a Livonia Police Reserve Officer. To see the job announcement including qualifications and description of the position click here.

For City of Livonia Employment Information, click here to view the page and begin the process.

History of the Livonia Police Reserve Program
The Livonia Police Reserve Unit has a rich history, to learn more about the history of the Livonia Police Reserve Unit, read the below story as described by Reserve Officer Norm Nettie. Norm has been with the Livonia Police Reserve and Auxiliary unit for over 32 years!

Livonia Police Reserves History by: Reserve Officer Norman Nettie

In the late 1950’s, the Livonia Auxiliary Police Reserve Unit was formed, funded and governed by the Federal Government. In the mid-1960’s the name was changed to the Livonia Auxiliary Police. Their authority came from the Federal Office of Civil Defense and was under the direction of the City’s Director of Civil Defense. The Auxiliary Officers were trained to be utilized during Federal and local civil emergencies. The Director later authorized the use of the Auxiliary Police to supply security for other City and school functions.

In 1978, members of the Auxiliary Police formed a committee to investigate the possibility of having the Auxiliary placed under the authority and direction of the Police Department. After a lengthy study, the committee presented their findings and recommendations to the Mayor and Chief of Police. Since the Office of Civil Defense was under Federal jurisdiction, upon reviewing the committee’s recommendations, the Mayor and Police Chief requested the City Council to draft and pass a city ordinance creating a Police Reserve unit under the authority and direction of the Police Department. The Police Reserve Ordinance, No. 1472, was passed by the City Council on May 23, 1979, approved by the Mayor on May 30, 1979 and was officially published on June 11, 1979. One of the major benefits of the City ordinance was that it provided the Reserve Officers with full police powers while on duty.

The Livonia Police Reserve’s personnel initially consisted of members from both the Special Police, which directed traffic at the Detroit Race Course under the direction of the Police Department, and the Auxiliary Police Reserves. The original group of Reserves consisted of approximately 180 officers.

See examples of Auxiliary and Reserve patches below, thanks to Reserve Officer Norm Nettie:

1950 LAPR

The above shoulder patch was issued in the 1950’s. L.A.P.R. is an abbreviation for Livonia Auxiliary Police Reserve. O.C.D. is an abbreviation for Office of Civil Defense.


The above shoulder patch was issued in the 1960’s it was similar to the patch worn by Police Officers with the exception of the “AUX” printed in the green colored portion in the center.


This patch was issued to the Police Reserves in the 1970’s. It was changed by adding “AUXILIARY” under “LIVONIA”. The color change was consistent with the Police Officer Patches.

Today, Reserve Officers wear the same shoulder patch as Police Officers with a rocker patch underneath the shoulder patch with the “RESERVE” insignia.

Community Emergency Response Team
The Livonia Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates citizens about disaster preparedness for hazards that could impact our area, and trains them in basic disaster response skills. These skills include fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using this training, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhoods, or workplaces, following incidents when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in the community.

CERT is one of five organizations that operate under the Citizens Corps, the nationwide grass roots movement that encourages all Americans to help make their communities – and the nation – safer, stronger, and better prepared for all types of hazards and threats through active volunteerism.

To learn more about the Livonia Community Emergency Response Team and if you are interested in joining our team, click here.

See the Livonia Community Emergency Response Team in Training:
fire-exting1In the above photo Livonia CERT Members learn the proper way to handle a fire extinguisher.

cert-cribbing1The photo above depicts Livonia CERT members practicing the cribbing technique. This method is used to free potential victims that are trapped under heavy objects.

cert-field1Livonia CERT members can also be utilized to assist the Police Department with a variety of tasks. The purpose of this training was to familiarize Livonia CERT members with a large field search. A field or area search may be necessary when looking for victims or lost children. Our CERT members are ready for the task!
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