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The Detective Bureau is comprised of several units within the investigative section. The Detective Bureau includes General Investigations, Youth Crimes, Sex Crimes, and the Crime Scene/Identification Unit. The bureau also includes the Crime Prevention, ICAC, Polygraph, Western Wayne Auto Elimination Effort Task Force, and Court Services Units. Sergeants, Police Officers, and one Clerk Typist who functions as support personnel, staff these units. The Executive Lieutenant of the Investigative Section is the officer in charge of the Detective Bureau.

The Livonia Police Detective Bureau strives to investigate and prosecute all complaints made by any and all citizens that have had the unfortunate circumstance to be a victim of a crime. The detective assigned to each case will investigate each incident fully, until a suspect is developed and prosecuted, or until all leads have been exhausted. The Detective Bureau works as a team to provide the best service possible to each and every citizen.

Be Aware – Counterfeit Currency Alert

Numerous counterfeit bills have been presented at local businesses. Counterfeit pens and other devices are available at most retailers and can be used to determine whether any bills are questionable or not. If you have any questions or further information please call the Livonia Police Department.

Reminder – Senior Citizen Scams

A reminder to our citizens that there are numerous scams happening in Michigan. Please do not send anyone your personal information. You should never send anyone your hard earned money. “If it sounds to good to be true, then it is.”

example-crimemap Residents who want to learn about crimes in their neighborhood now can view a new online map and website.

Visit Crime Mapping

Check Complaints

No Account Check, Account Closed Check, Insufficient Funds Check

Should you have a returned check from the bank that has a stamp with any of the above information, you have the right to file a police report and prosecute. There are some requirements you must complete prior to making your report.

You must be able to positively identify the person presenting the check. This can be done by viewing a photograph Michigan Operators License or Michigan State Identification card. In some instances, you may personally know the presenter.

You are required by law to send the person who presented the check a certified letter requesting payment for said check.

Download the Notice of Bad Check Form

The check passer is allowed 5 days to respond to the letter. If the person fails to respond, you have completed your requirement for this step. Bring in your receipt from the post office for the letter you sent.

The police department will need the original check, or if the bank retained the check an original copy of the check from the bank.

Bring all documentation with you when you file your original report. Any incident being reported more than 90 days after the check was presented will not be accepted unless there is an unusual circumstance.

Fraud Complaints

Are you the victim of a fraud? Is someone else using your identification?

To place a flag on your name so that others may not obtain further credit in your name, contact the following numbers:

(TRW) Experian – 877-284-7942
Transunion – 800-680-7289
Equifax – 800-685-5000


Never give your social security number to anyone over the phone.

Review all credit card statements each month and compare them to all receipts.

Always get a call back number on suspicious calls regarding any and all utility companies. Compare these numbers with the numbers on your bill.

Do not allow store employees to write your credit card number on your check. They can only document the type of credit card and year of expiration.

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