Chaplain Corps

The Livonia Police Chaplain Corps has been established to provide ethical, moral and spiritual support to department personnel, their families and the community in which they serve. Chaplains are appointed and serve at the discretion of the Chief of Police after undergoing an extensive background investigation.

As a supportive resource to officers, the Chaplain Corps is committed to building lasting relationships that serve to aid in encouraging moral and spiritual values that are essential to productive lives.

While not a replacement to a personal pastor, priest or rabbi, the Chaplain is ready to assist any member of the department, their family or the community during times of personal crisis or difficulty.

A Chaplain can assist officers at accidents, crime scenes, family disturbances, or natural disasters. The Chaplain is effective in dealing with the public sector and is an indispensable asset when death notifications must be made by the department.

The Chaplain is available to all personnel who need to discuss a personal issue or problem with someone who can remain neutral and confidential while providing guidance and direction.

Presently, three chaplains serve the Livonia Police Department and community: Sister Ann Stamm, D. Min., D.D., Professor at Madonna University; Joel Lindman, Sr. Pastor at Bell Creek Community Church; and Father Kevin Thomas, Pastor of St. Aidan Catholic Church. A liaison officer is assigned to manage the program. Any inquiries about the program can be directed to Thomas Blauvelt at (734) 466-2470.

Police Prayer


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