Hiring and Recruitment


Police Officer / Police Service Aide Recruiting / Hiring


Recruiting for open positions within the Livonia Police Department is  handled by both Civil Service and members of the Livonia Police Department.

Open positions are posted on the Civil Service Web Page and the Livonia PD web page.

In addition to the City web pages, open position announcements are made via: the Detroit News, National Minority Report, Governmentjobs.com, Indeed, Careerbuilder.com, Handshake, Hotjobs.vet, Veteranjoblisitngs.org and MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards).

Recruiting also occurs at each of the police academy’s in lower Michigan, and many colleges including; Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, Ferris State University, Madonna University, Schoolcraft College, Henry Ford Community College, Wayne County Community College, many regional high schools and many job fairs.

Recruiting for law enforcement positions has been extraordinarily difficult not only here, but nationally.  It is even more difficult to recruit minority groups into the profession.  As of July 1, 2020, the Livonia Police Department has 28 open positions.


Hiring employees for the City of Livonia falls under the Civil Service Department.  Some public entities utilize a human resources division for recruiting and hiring while others utilize the civil service model.   The charter of the City of Livonia dictates a Civil Service process.

The director of civil service reports to the Civil Service Commission.  The commissioners are appointed by the Mayor.  The civil service commission approves the examination process and eligibility lists for new hires and promotions within the City of Livonia.

The Police Service Aide position is a non-sworn support position within the Livonia Police Department.  This position could be utilized as a career path to become a Livonia Police Officer or the individual may remain a Police Service Aide until a point of retirement.

The position of a Livonia Police Officer is a sworn position, meaning the individual is required to take an oath of office upon becoming a Livonia Police Officer.

For each of these positions, candidates must pass a written examination, successfully complete an interview before a panel, submit to an intensive pre-background interview, successfully complete a background investigation, pass a psychological examination and then pass a drug screening and physical examination. 

The background investigation requires the candidate to submit tax returns, educational documents, selective service requirements, neighbor interviews, home visits by the investigator, family interviews, reference interviews, police contact disclosures and credit examinations. 

The psychological examination is conducted by a licensed psychologist who is a board certified specialist in police and public safety psychology.  This examination requires a written test along with interviews with the psychologist.  The psychologist submits the report of examination to Civil Service for determination.


From fiscal year 2015 to July 1, 2020, 690 applicants have been vetted for police officer and police service aide positions.

Of those vetted, the Livonia Police Department has hired 58 Police Service Aides and 26 Police Officers.

In the same period of time, we have had 71 Police Officer and 19 Police Service Aides separate service from the organization.  Separation of service can be; fail probation, retire from service, termination and resignation.

Today, the Livonia Police Department has six fewer police officers and police service aides than we did in 2015.






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