ATM Tips

Avoid Becoming a Victim at the ATM

Be alert at all times and remember the following easy tips:

  • Check your surroundings before approaching the ATM. If someone is standing near or is parked near the ATM don’t approach it.
  • Never punch in your pin before being prompted to do so by the ATM, especially if your card appears to be stuck.
  • Stand close to the machine when keying in your PIN so that other people cannot see your number.
  • Use your hand and body as a shield when typing in your PIN. Remember, your PIN is the key to your account.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone. Not even a bank official is required to know your PIN.
  • Bank officials never need your PIN to assist you with your account.
  • Never accept assistance from a stranger at an ATM or allow yourself to be distracted when performing a transaction.
  • If someone tries to “assist” you at the ATM and you feel it would be safer to “play along” you could key in the incorrect PIN and leave the ATM immediately.
  • Check that the card in your possession is yours before and after every transaction.
  • Mark your card for easy identification.
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