Holiday Safety

Here are some ideas that may help you keep the Grinch from spoiling your holiday season!

  • Don’t leave parcels in plain view from the outside.
  • Do not leave an opening or a gap in any window for the Christmas lights extension cord. The smallest opening is the biggest opportunity!
  • Do not advertise your newly acquired items by throwing out the boxes in the garbage. Make sure that they are flattened or torn down. Take them to the recycling depot if possible.
  • Do not throw out anything with your name, address, phone number, banking or personal information on it without blacking out the personal information first. This also applies to magazines and boxes delivered to your home. Tear them, shred them, but do not throw them out intact.
  • Do not leave keys under mats, in mailboxes or hanging on a hook around the corner. You might just as well leave your doors open!
  • Do close all of your windows and blinds if you are going out so your Christmas tree and gifts are not on display.
  • Do engrave your new items (with your drivers license number – i.e.: BCDL9876543) Putting it off until later may be too late.
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