Security Survey

Burglary and theft are crimes of opportunity. A door that is easy to open, a dark house, or an open window or garage door, are seen as opportunities by criminals. By thinking safety and security first, and taking some simple steps to secure your home, you can reduce these opportunities. In doing so, you reduce the risk they present to your family and property. Upon completion of this survey you will have made a detailed check list of your security needs.

Begin the survey by going to the end of your block and then walking toward your home. Keep in mind that the criminal is looking for an opportunity to commit a crime, to take some of your property or get into your home. Do you have tools, bikes, or other items sitting out? Is your garage door open? How about your windows and doors? Is the gate to your backyard closed/locked? Look at your neighbor’s property, do you provide more opportunities to criminals than your neighbor. Does it look like you take good care of your property or will the criminal think you may be an easy target.

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