Tips for Tots

Parents: Use these “tips for tots” with your children who are too young to read. It is important that you not frighten your child, but with repeated lessons – as with play school – teach him or her the following:

  • Never get into a car with a stranger.
  • Always play with a friend – “be a buddy”.
  • Do not take presents from strangers.
  • If a car pulls up where he or she is playing, to back away and run either home or to a safe house.
  • Practice dialing your phone number, including area code.
  • A code word: and tell your child he or she is only to go with someone who knows the code word (make it simple and repeat it often).
  • To never open the door when home alone, and to call police if a person persists.
  • To never let anyone touch them in a way he or she does not like – especially in an area covered by a bathing suit; and if someone does, to tell you about it at once.
  • Assure your child of your love and that he or she will not be blamed if they tell you the truth.
  • To never go anywhere without permission.

It is sometimes a better learning experience if you teach several children at the same time. Repeat often as young children have a short memory span. Be sure to assure your child of your love and approval.

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