Staffing and Employee Demographics


Livonia Police Department Staffing and Demographics

Thanks to the citizens of Livonia, the Livonia Police Department is a self-sufficient police agency that maintains the capability to respond to and investigate nearly any crime that occurs in the City of Livonia.

The Police Department has a budgeted staff of 187 members. This includes sworn and civilian members of the Department.

The Police Department is organized by divisions: the Uniform Division, the Investigative Division and Support Services/Administrative Division. Each division has a Captain as the Division Commander.

The Uniform Division consists of three patrol shifts and Patrol Operations. Each of the shifts and Patrol Operations are commanded by Lieutenants. The newly created position of Office of Professional Standards falls under the Patrol Operations Bureau.

The Investigative Division is responsible for all criminal investigations, including prisoner interviews, warrant applications, crime scene processing, and more.

The Support Services/Administrative Division is responsible for budgeting, IT, records management, training, and more.

As of July 1, 2020, the Livonia Police Department continues to struggle to achieve full staffing levels. Of the 187 budgeted positions, only 159 are filled. The bulk of the open positions are at the rank of police officer, which are short by 21 positions.

Five members of the Livonia Police Department are non-white, 36 are female, and the remaining members are identified as white males.

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