Use of Force Statistics 2019


2019 Use of Force

In 2019, the Livonia Police Department handled 59,473 calls for service initiated by either the public or police.

Of those calls for service, 34 (or six out of every 10,000 calls for service) involved the use of force. Of the 34 uses of force, six were involving individuals requiring mental health intervention, four were operating a vehicle while intoxicated, four were domestic assaults, two domestic assaults with mental health intervention, three retail frauds, four resisting and obstructing, five warrant arrests, two drug crimes, one larceny from auto, one home invasion, one attempted abduction and one violation of a personal protective order.

Each use of force incident requires its own investigation to determine the legality of the use of force and if the use of force conforms to department policy.

The results of the investigations confirmed no violations of law or policy in the above incidents.

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