Siren Activation

While summer weather often means fair skies and warm sunshine for Livonia, it can also bring the threat of severe weather. The City of Livonia uses emergency warning sirens that are activated from the Public Safety Communications Center to provide early warning for a variety of potential emergencies. These potential emergencies could include tornadoes, severe weather, hazardous materials event or even a terrorist incident. Sirens are strategically located around the City. The emergency sirens are tested on the first Saturday of every month at 1:00 p.m. and are tested in the “Alert” tone, which is a three-minute continuous wail.

When you hear the emergency sirens at any time other than during regular testing, take cover and turn on your television or radio for official news and information about the emergency. Cable television subscribers in Livonia may receive information from a direct cable override. Information on the emergency may also be available on the City of Livoniaโ€™s AM radio station, AM1670, if time allows for an updated message to be released.

When it comes to activation for severe weather, the City of Livonia will activate the sirens when the Public Safety Communications Center receives information from the National Weather Service (NWS) that storms producing winds at 58 MPH or greater threaten the city or a funnel cloud has been spotted by the NWS, public safety personnel, Skywarn trained citizens or any other reliable source.

For more information on severe weather please visit our:ย  Homeland Security / Emergency Preparednessย page.


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